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Stumped - One Cricket Umpire, Two Countries

Who in their right mind would want to be cricket umpire?

This is the question Premier Cricket Umpire Richard Harrison poses in his recently released book;

Stumped - One Cricket Umpire, Two Countries.

Stumped is a delightful and very funny memoir that charts the author’s ‘entirely unplanned journey into cricket umpiring,’ while he was living in the village of Sevenoaks, Kent.

He attends his first training course at the local rugby club, sits his first exam and makes his debut in a pre-season village friendly.

The following year he progresses to the Kent League (umpiring matches each Saturday) while he launches a playing career (on Sundays) with a nearby village team, after a twenty year absence from the game.

He returns to Australia six years later, where he now umpires some of the world’s best female cricketers in Victoria’s Premier Cricket Competition.

Stumped is a wonderful and very entertaining book. It is packed with hilarious anecdotes, incidents and experiences from a career that so far spans fifteen years and two countries.

We meet some tremendous characters along the way and visit some of the most beautiful and picturesque cricket grounds in the world, in a book that throughout celebrates the most wonderful, complex and historic game there is.

As the author himself concludes in the book’s Foreword - ‘Lest anyone be in any doubt, consider this;

Games have rules. Cricket has laws.’

Stumped is available as an eBook, Paperback (and soon an Audio Book) from Amazon;


Thanks to the Victoria Cricket Association Umpires and Scorers Association for graciously sharing this article.

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